Steve Chandler Blog


By Phil Dynan

January, 2012 - Steve rang up two days ago and asked if we were interested in doing a shoot somewhere near our home in Paskenta, Northern California. Now I've always jumped at the chance to do a shoot with Steve. We've been doing this more than 25 years. The first shoot we did together was during the "Harmonic Convergence" (1987) in the Black Rock Desert (Nevada).

Steve is fun to work with and I always learn something from watching him as well. He is a real artist and a great large-format photographer.

So a couple days later, we are standing on top of the Yolla Bollys. Ana and Frida are off somewhere shooting stills. I'm shooting video of Steve making panoramics.

Here is a short video of Steve in action - gives you an idea of how meticulous a photographer he is:

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